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We Do Panels.

We build the UL 508a certified panels that house motor starters for your fans and pumps. Then we can either hand them over to you for programming, or program them ourselves.

If you’re in the HVAC industry, you probably already know exactly what we’re talking about. You might even have your own team doing the exact same thing. Maybe you’re thinking, “But we do this in-house.” That’s cool, but think about this:

We'll save you time

This is all we do. We are a UL listed shop that specializes in control systems panels. Making panels is our thing — and we’re really good at it. Every panel we create is held to a high standard of quality that exceeds industry expectations, and we’ve developed an efficient process. Bottom line: we can crank these babies out pretty fast.


Making panels is our thing — and we’re really good at it.

We'll save you money

Maybe you’re pulling guys in from other projects to work on control panels. We would hazard a guess that their time could be more efficiently spent elsewhere — especially if they’re not experts in panel-building. Many of our clients have found that working with us saves them quite a bit of money and frees their staff up to work on more important things.

Want us on your project? ( do)

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