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We Do Programming.

If you work in the Water/Wastewater industry, you’re probably very familiar with control systems already. Wouldn’t you know it, so are we.

Since 2008, we have worked with the UL 508a certified panels that house motor starters for your pumps and systems. We also use the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) software application program in conjunction with our control centers. This programming allows users to gather real-time data, even from a remote location (like a laptop). SCADA also allows for precautionary programming, which can shut down your system in the event of leakage or breakdown.

The system can text you when something’s not right.


Your MCC programming and panels should be inseparable, especially in the Water/Wastewater industry. You can’t have one without the other in a really efficient system. Even if you build your own panels in-house, think about this:

Even if you’re pulling guys off of other projects to build control panels, we would bet that their time is more valuable elsewhere. If they’re not experts in panel-building, you’ll probably find that we save you a lot of time/money compared to the in-house option. Free your staff up to work on more important things. We got this.

Want us on your project? ( do)

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