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Press Release: Superior CS Shoots to Thrill!

Something Big is Coming to the 2016 S.C.W.A. Convention & Expo!

Superior Control Systems is planning to debut a revolutionary new product that will drastically alter the world of Car Wash Controllers! The stage is set for 2016 at the Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & Expo in Arlington, Texas, and in true rock star fashion, Superior CS is ready to give one hell of a show! Infused with newfound focus through a massive rebranding campaign in late 2015, Superior CS is primed and ready for some much-deserved strutting with an impressive lineup of crowd favorite Car Wash solutions, including: Car Wash Motor Control Centers, Car Wash Variable Frequency Drives (VDFs), and Control Wash Truck Bed Controllers. Like any rock legend worth their weight in silver, Superior CS knows to keep the best for last – promising to conclude their sensational debut with an innovative, new product that will leave competitors in ashes!

“Something big is coming,” Troy Huisman, founder of Superior CS, teases mischievously as he hints at the unveiling of his latest project, “we’re excited to steal the show out from under our competitors this year.”

Superior Control Systems is a UL-certified full-service automation, controls, and program integration company based in Tempe, AZ. Founded by Troy Huisman in 2008 with the sole mission of providing the highest level quality service, Superior CS is comprised of leading experts fluent in numerous industries, including but not limited to: Car Washes, HVAC and Air Handling Equipment, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor Assembly, Manufacturing, Mining, Solar Energy, and Water/Wastewater Management.

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