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  • Troy Huisman

Superior Control Systems: Live and Unplugged in Texas!

Rebranded, Reloaded, and Ready to Rock the 2016 S.C.W.A. Convention & Expo!


You smell that?

Yeah. That.

The 2016 Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & Expo is just around the corner. And it smells like Superior spirit!

The stage is set THIS WEEK at Arlington, Texas – and we’re aiming to take the whole joint by storm!

Now, there’s a subtle (yet fundamental) difference between rock stars and rock legends…

One little word: Showmanship.

And we at Superior Control Systems refuse to shoot for anything less than legendary.

Yes, yes, we’ve undergone a slight face lift since our debut, but we promise it’s nothing more than a little digital mascara – Alice Cooper war paint, if you will. We’re still the same UL508A certified powerhouse bringing you the highest quality service and fully customized program solutions. We still adhere to our founding principle of client-focused innovation, ensuring you’re satisfied with every project, no matter how big or small.

But you already knew all that, right?

Let’s get to the good stuff.

We promised you back in December that something BIG is coming, and now it’s time to make good on those words. With the 2016 S.C.W.A. Convention & Expo hitting the Lone Star State later this week, we’ve overhauled our presentation to leave you all Thunderstruck!

Not only will WE be there, live and in the flesh – not just some interns in polos – but we’ve also put together some killer exhibits to show off our line of Intelligent Motor Control Centers and Intelligent Variable Frequency Drives! Come check out the Superior difference of our authentic products and control systems with your very own peepers!

Unclear of what value Superior CS can bring you? Baffled by our stunning tech? Or maybe you just want to stress-test our performance anxiety? Now is the time to make yourself heard! We’ll be taking questions all day, every day at the S.C.W.A. Expo – so go on baby, don’t be shy!

Don’t worry, we sure talk the talk, but we can definitely walk the walk too!

Just be sure to stay for the encore, ladies and gents…

This year, we’ve got an Ace of Spades up our sleeves.

We promised we’d be bringing you all something BIG. Something REVOLUTIONARY

And we will.

It’s under wraps, but it’s ready to go: the next big thing that’s going to have everyone at the convention talking…

So bring your best pair of “Oh Shit” pants, because after this weekend, the Car Wash industry is never going to be the same again!

That’s right. You heard it here first, folks.

So, come, come as you are…to Arlington, Texas.

‘Cause if Kurt Cobain was alive, and into Car Wash Controllers, he’d be there too.

And he’d be kicking it with us at Superior CS.

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