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  • Troy Huisman

Solutions that are Superior.

In the market for a full-service automation, controls, and programming integration contractor? Look no further.

Our name says it all.

We are Superior Control Systems, and we are just that: SUPERIOR.

Now that’s not to imply we’re simply coasting off bravado, rest assured our confidence was hard-earned through years of trial and tribulation. Our team, hand-picked innovators and creative leaders of their respected fields, has more than earned their right to a little swagger.

Bottom line: we’re problem solvers.

Think of your worst possible programming nightmare scenario: your system isn’t synced correctly and it’s burning out your motors, your energy output is way off the charts, your controls are working against your network and you are literally hemorrhaging money by the hour.

Your nightmare is the reason we wake up in the morning.

The more daunting the task, the more excited we become – we do love a good challenge.

So what sets us apart? What makes us different?

Four core values that we uphold faithfully here at Superior Control Systems:

Tailored Solutions

At Superior Control Systems, we don’t do shortcuts. We don’t do templates. We hate copy-and-paste.

You should too: it’s lazy, uninspired, and worst of all, ineffective.

We are a solutions company, and that means our sole mission is to dive into your world and methodically implement the unique combination of tech installation and programming integration that will optimize YOUR specific system.

The best part? You’re right there with us every step of the way.

Your needs and input are an invaluable part of our process, and while together we uncover the unseen variables that are hindering your system, you are ultimately in control of the parameters of our services.


We’re not here to make a quick buck.

We’re not here to upsell you or to feed you warm fuzzies.

We value your time and your intelligence, so our approach is direct, informative, and honest.

While we are seasoned experts in our craft, we never leap to conclusions or assume we know more about the problem than you – we are committed to doing our due diligence before we undertake any project, and that means listening to you (not just nodding and waiting for a chance to pitch a sale.)

Your business needs are unique, complex, and important; at Superior Control Systems, we pride ourselves on making a connection with you as a respected, valued client and ensuring your voice is heard every step of the way.


Let’s be real. Lots of businesses love throwing this word out.

And they seldom live up to it.

What does innovation mean to us, at Superior Control Systems?

It means thinking laterally, coming up with out of the box solutions.

Innovation to us means being bold enough to experiment with new methodologies that others won’t dare to dream of; innovation to us, is the delicate art of infusing creativity and spontaneity into the cut-and-dry realm of computer programming to produce extraordinary results.

Hard Day’s Work

Just as the Beatles touted, we value the pride that comes after a hard day’s night.

Insightful brilliance aside, we know that results ultimately come from planting your feet on the ground, and doing the work. No matter how smart you are, it’s the action – pulling up your sleeves and getting dirty – that brings home the bacon.

Or in this case, saves you massive amounts of money.

At Superior Control Systems we take immense pride in the effectiveness of our products and the efficiency of our services.

We don’t sell fluff or happy lies that unicorns exist.

We’re committed to applying our wits and expertise to craft unique programming and automation solutions for those who aren’t willing to settle for mediocre.

We are Superior Control Systems – and when you’re ready for us, we’ll be right here.

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