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  • Troy Huisman

Superior Control is getting its groov on!

One thing you can count on from Superior Control is we are fanatical about giving our customers the latest and greatest technology. That is why we are now offering groov EPIC for the ultimate carwash tunnel control system.

This highly customizable system can improve your processes, reduce maintenance costs and provide better data for business decisions. The sexy touch screen gives amazing graphical displays that will look just as good from your smartphone. As a matter of fact, the responsiveness from your mobile device is the best we have seen. Goodbye and good riddance, toggle switches!

Besides seducing us with an incredible user interface, the groov EPIC is a solid system on the back end. The quad-core processor allows dedicated control to your carwash process and the flexibility of a PC. This more integrated system means less downtime, frustration, expenses, etc. You get the picture.

The system also allows the latest and greatest updates to be pushed out, similar to app updates you receive on your phone. Having the most current software run your tunnel control system can help things run more efficiently and save you money on water and chemicals.

We asked Selam Shimelash of Opto 22 (the manufacturer of groov EPIC) what makes it so special. Selam says, “With groov EPIC, control systems will be mobile and web-ready, with fewer components to manage and maintain over time.” We know our customers appreciate fewer components to maintain. It means fewer dollars coming out of their pockets!

Excited? So are we. Let’s get your groov on too! Contact us for more information.

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