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  • Troy Huisman

Superior’s Hydro Pulse Solves a Dirty Problem

Here’s an issue that all car wash owners can relate to. The car wash tunnel, or “pit” as it is known, is a dirty place. All kinds of debris ends up there like grocery bags, papers, t-shirts, you name it. That is also where some of the most critical equipment lives, including the pulse. Losing a pulse can cause anywhere between 2 - 24 hours of downtime. For a busy car wash, that’s an average $1,200 loss due to downtime!

We’re problem solvers at Superior Control and we’ve got the fix you need. It’s simple. Get the pulse out of the pit. How do we do it? We install a Hydro Pulse, which is a hydraulic motor, in the back room. This runs the hydraulics in series with the motor for the conveyor and puts the sensor on the hydraulic motor in the back room. It’s an easy installation which can be done in about an hour. The cost for the part is around $1,500 which well justifies the risk of losing your pulse every month.

Want to know more? Give us a call!

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