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Does your control panel text you when there’s an issue?

Imagine this – It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re hanging out with your family by the pool. You get a text message. It’s not from your buddy who’s on his way with beer but from your car wash’s control panel. It’s alerting you that the system is down because your conveyor doesn’t have enough hydraulic fluid. You call your onsite manager and have him check the conveyor power pack for fluid and add some if it is low. Crisis averted and you are back to doing cannonballs in the pool.

What just happened in this story is a common occurrence for a car wash owner that has the proper control panel programming. For those not so lucky, it means the manager may not realize the issue until there are a long line of cars backed up. When he is aware of a problem it will take more time to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Cars start driving away, tired of waiting. Customers fume as they wait to get their cars back. The stressed-out employees scramble to restore order. And the owner will probably not even be aware of this until Monday, if even at all.

Any control panel (car wash, wastewater, or other) can be programmed to send out these types of alerts. Not only will it tell you if there is an issue, it will diagnose it for you. If you don’t have this programming in place, it’s time to get it. The cost of not having it is too great.

Give us a call and we can advise you on next steps.

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