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  • Troy Huisman

Finding the Right Control System Integrator for Your OEM Needs!

If you’re an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) you’re probably well-acquainted with the difficult process of finding a competent, quality control system integrator.

It fact, it’s much like online dating.

(Oh yes. We’re going there.)

You see, much like any digital dating ground, your options for a complimentary partner may seem plentiful at first, but upon closer scrutiny, it becomes rapidly clear that this is not the case.

As an OEM you have component requirements that must fall within a set range of specifications and comply with operational standards. You can’t just pick any control systems integrator and trust that they’ll be the perfect match for the job – no more than you could (or should) select a blind date at random and hope you’ve found your soulmate by the end of dinner.

You need a control systems builder that knows what they’re doing; one with the capacity, knowledge, and expertise to help create a system that is 100% unique to your needs, and customization without losing functionality.

Enter Superior Control Systems.

We are your knight in shining armor.

We’ve come to whisk you away to a better place, and a better method of control system integration.

We know what you’re thinking – and no, we are not too good to be true.

Our approach to control system integration is meticulous, methodical, and at times a bit eccentric (we do enjoy a good challenge and a chance to create out-of-the-box solutions), but most importantly, we at Superior Control get results.

We understand that your needs as an OEM may exceed that of the skill level of lesser control system builders, and we thoroughly empathize with the frustrations that come with “B-Team” integrators that fail to meet your unique system requirements.

It is absolutely imperative for OEMs to perform their due diligence before subcontracting a control system integrator – remember, when it comes to manufacturing customized equipment, subpar results will undoubtedly lead to subpar performance.

And honestly, why settle for anything less than what you deserve? In the dating world or the OEM one.

At Superior Control we do things differently because we approach every integration solution as its very own unique puzzle. And we do love our puzzles.

We have the experience and technical mastery to build systems that will meet your customized requirements and operate with optimal performance.

We can even take it a step further and program our systems to automate and control your entire piece of equipment – yes, we’re that good.

Love is indeed a battlefield, as is the ongoing struggle for OEMs to find complimentary control system integrators, but we at Superior Control offer you an oasis from the myriad of disappointments and frustration.

Let’s face it: you deserve a better control system integrator.

Now let us show you what we can do.

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