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  • Troy Huisman

Car Wash VFD’s: The Dirty Little Secret

Find out why Variable Frequency Drives are not always your best Car Wash solution!

Have you ever asked yourself how installing a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) into your Car Wash Motor Control Center actually helps you save money?

Or did you just trust the fact that some professional in a blue jumpsuit told you it would, without any further explanation?

Well. Guess what?

As it turns out, you might’ve been taken for a ride…

You see, the dirty secret that distributors don’t want you to know is that not every piece of equipment is going to benefit from a VFD.

Like with any complex mechanical system, there are going to be advantages and drawbacks to integrating VFD’s into your car wash equipment; sometimes, simply deciding upon the need for VFD’s will come down to assessing short-term versus long-term savings.

But that’s where we come in.

At Superior Control, we live and breathe programming intelligent motor controller centers like Variable Frequency Drives so YOU don’t have to!

Our goal is to help educate you about your options, so that you can sleep peacefully knowing exactly how your customized VFD is going to save YOU money down the road!

Unfortunately, a common occurrence across customers who have had VFD’s installed into their car wash control centers is that they haven’t seen any savings after years of implementation!

In our experience, this is largely due to professional ignorance surrounding the concept of what a VFD actually does, and how it’s meant to be programmed for energy efficiency.

For example, one of the most typical misconceptions we’ve seen in the industry is the mistake of replacing a traditional motor starter with a VFD, thinking that this will yield in reduced energy usage.

Well let’s get one thing straight: A Variable Frequency Drive is not an optimal replacement for a motor starter.

While the integration of a VFD may ease the mechanical wear and tear through its slower start-up speed, it does virtually nothing to save energy once the motor is running at maximum capacity.

As you can imagine, this is an utter waste of such a sophisticated program – and money.

What you may not know is that this is a very typical occurrence, and it could be costing YOU as well.

At Superior Control, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and hands-on expertise within the car wash industry.

This means we go beyond just slapping on a “magic box” and assuming it will mysteriously turn into energy savings – we do the programming, the calibrations, and the legwork to make sure that integrating Variable Frequency Drive into your car wash motors are not only appropriate, but guaranteed to yield in optimal results!

In fact, when you receive a system from us, you can typically expect noticeable returns within the first 12 months! Not only that, but at Superior Control we work closely with utility companies nationwide to receive rebates that cover anywhere between 25%-75%of the VFD system cost!

How? Because that’s what we do – we are experts in the field of efficient programming, and we want to save you money.

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