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  • Troy Huisman

How VFD’s Lead to Massive Savings

Learn how Variable Frequency Drives can save YOU money down the road!

When running a business, all aspects of savings must be considered in order to be successful.

A good businessman/businesswoman knows that the best earned dollar is a saved dollar.

With green energy practices becoming more prevalent in businesses, and increasing media coverage on reducing individual carbon footprints, car washes have seen a significant surge in sales in the recent years.

After all, why not? Gone are the days when the car wash seemed an unnecessary luxury – in fact, in recent studies it’s been shown that the water usage gap between the home washer and a modern day car wash continues to grow steeper! While someone who chooses to wash their cars at home will utilize an average of 150 gallons of water to wash their vehicle, an automated car wash uses only an estimated 35 gallons!

Add to this the supplementary functions of an automatic car wash – reclaiming used water, filtering soap and detergents away from local ground water supply, and convenience – and it’s no mystery more and more people are beginning to resort to professionals for their vehicular needs.

So what does this mean to you, the business owner of your very own car wash?

While in influx in demand will certainly result in additional profits, it also means increased demand on your physical equipment (motors, fans, and pumps) and a higher energy consumption for your facility.

And this where most car wash owners choose Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) to assist in regulating their energy demands during inrush current peaks (up to an 80% reduction compared to cross-the-line motor starters and 50% better than soft start motors!) while simultaneously reducing mechanical stress, thus leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

In a snapshot, by utilizing a properly installed carwash VFD, you are not only looking at increased carwash savings, but also more efficient equipment performance, reduced downtime, a lower electrical demand, and significantly improved system reliability.

Carwash VFD’s accomplish this by:

· Reducing current draw on motors during start-up

· Allowing for adjustable control on the high pressure pumps when combined with pressure transducers (this is especially important when differentiation is needed for cleaning tires versus side panels of the car)

· Ensuring that flex wraps are running at the correct RPM to reduce potential damage to antennas and mirrors

· Improving variable drying speed at the blowers/dryers to reflect individual vehicle necessitates, as well reduce inrush and usage on your energy bill

· Increasing the consistency of 55” lift (the ideal suction for carpets) of vacuums and slowing down motors during off demand hours

In short, when considering energy costs and overall customer experience, switching to a carwash VFD’s has been shown to drastically decrease energy consumption, mechanical wear and tear, and reduce overall costs.

By incorporating a VFD into your carwash, you are not only saving yourself the hassle of unnecessary maintenance, downtime, and additional costs incurred for electrical demand – you are also providing your customers with a more consistent, quality service that will ensure ongoing business in the future.

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