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  • Troy Huisman

Is It Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System?

Learn how upgrading your HVAC system can save you money down the road!

Yes, yes…we know.

As a business owner, most of the time, the very word “upgrade” can have a rather chilling effect on the soul.

But bear with us a moment, because despite the upfront costs of upgrading your HVAC system, you may be looking at a huge return down the line!

Something to consider: any HVAC systems installed in the 1990’s (isn’t it strange, to be referring to the 90’s like it was so long ago?) will be reaching the end of their optimal lifespan within the next few years.

What does this mean?

The mechanical equipment, the HVAC control panels, the system programming – all of it, will begin to show deterioration in the form of your energy consumption bill and maintenance costs. Sure, it may not seem like much to make minor adjustments and repairs here and there, but in time, these costs will accumulate as the reliability of your system continues to fall.

So what are the benefits of looking into upgrading your HVAC system?

For one, upgrading your HVAC controls and control panel (VFD’s – variable frequency drives – are becoming more and more prevalent) can help reduce energy costs by configuring a system that reflects actual necessary usage.

For example, most buildings are sized and configured for peak load systems, meaning that the HVAC system is running at full power to maintain peak load conditions throughout the day – despite the fact that peak load conditions only account between 1-5% of the day!

Compound this with the common practice of oversizing the system to account for underestimated or otherwise unpredictable fluctuations in the load, and you are looking at additional energy consumption that rarely reflects real-time building conditions.

VFD’s installed along with your HVAC system will result in dramatic decrease in unnecessary energy usage during non-peak load conditions (roughly 95-99% of the day) by decreasing the motor rate to reflect the actual needs of your building.

By upgrading your HVAC system, you are also providing a more comfortable, productive work environment for your occupants – and down the line, this means ongoing leases, and ongoing business.

This also extends outside your immediate occupants! With business practices going greener each year, upgrading your HVAC system shows a committed effort to keep up with the times and can yield in an increase in future tentant prospects wishing to align their business/brand with an environmentally conscious practice!

While the immediate costs to installing a new HVAC control panel (whether it’s to upgrade to a VFD, or to selectively improve components to your single point connection/motor control panel) may seem daunting at first, many businesses are beginning to see the ongoing benefits of investing through newer technologies.

Accounting for more than 40% of a commercial building’s electricity bill, inefficient or otherwise outdated HVAC systems are being targeted nationwide as the most controllable cost-cutting opportunity.

With utility companies and business programs offering various rebates and promotions to subsidize/facilitate installation of newer, more efficient systems, upgrading to a new HVAC has never been more straight-forward or incentivized!

If you are seeking a means to drastically reduce your buildings energy consumption, appeal to a broader range of future tenants, and increase the productivity of your occupants – upgrading your HVAC system may be the most practical and financially beneficial move!

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