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  • Troy Huisman

Text-Alert: Improving Efficiency in Car Wash Controllers

Discover how Text-Alert helps optimize your Car Wash business!

At Superior Control, we make a practice of customizing every component of your Car Wash Solutions with expansion in mind.

We understand wholeheartedly the ongoing demand to meet both customer satisfactionand resource efficiency in order to streamline your Cash Wash business into a more profitable experience.

With that said, we focus on utilizing only the highest grade technology available when assembling your customized Car Wash Control Center, as well as value YOUR voice in the process in order to ensure we are meeting your specific Car Wash business needs.

No two businesses are identical – and this goes for all the idiosyncrasies that make your Car Wash business unique to your customers, whether it’s reflected in presentation, affordability, or quality.

A rising need for text-alert systems to be integrated into the Car Wash Controller has spurred a demand from competitive Control Center manufacturers to include this feature as a standard option.

But why? And is this seemingly superfluous addition to an already crowded user interface really such a drastic necessity to streamlining your business?

The short answer: YES.

Here’s why:

Let’s face it folks, even the most resistant of “analog” business owners defiant in the emergence of a digitized world must eventually face facts, and accept that resistance to technological adaptation is ultimately a losing battle.

The reality is…change scares everyone, but to those who wish to optimize their business models and acclimate to an evolving market, this fear is inconsequential.

At Superior Control we see the value in a fully integrated text-alert system for our Car Wash Control Centers because we understand the need for the modern business owner to stay one step ahead of potential complications that could delay, or even worse, shut down operations entirely.

Through our rapid response text-alert system, you are granted immediate notification regarding malfunctioning equipment, disruptions and/or obstructions occurring in your Car Wash tunnel, overheating equipment, and warnings about potential failure in remote sensors.

All this, you access through the touch of your fingertips on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet!

Having our text-alert system integrated into your Car Wash Control Center will also aid in managing energy usage – thus saving you additional costs during peak hoursas well as allow you to regulate your Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and monitor the motor output of your equipment with ease and convenience!

With increasing demand for more sophistication and diversity required of modern Car Wash Controllers (roughly between 150 and 200 functions have become an industry standard for most Car Wash Businesses, depending on the range of service) having a text-alert system keeps you in the game and one step ahead of potential mishaps that could have devastating effects on your equipment if left unmonitored.

Just like with any other service-based business, your Car Wash location needs to stay competitive on all fronts: efficiency, quality, and cost!

We at Superior Control have an outstanding team of progressive thinking engineers who specialize in modernizing and optimizing outdated and ineffective Car Wash Control Centers!

We stand by our service and our products 100%, and look forward to working with you for your Car Wash Controller needs!

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